Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

To stop smoking is a real big challenge for all smokers but it is one of the best decisions to make because it can provide health benefits. Smoking is very dangerous and a deadly habit to make. Statistics show that it is the leading cause of cancer and can increase the risks of strokes, heart attacks, lung disease and other problems such as cataracts and bone fractures.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

If you are at a stage where you really want to stop smoking and you have tried other means like patches, nicotine longes, chewing gum, counselling, smoking cessation methods and more, do not lose hope. There is still an option that can help you, it is through hypnosis. You can ask your doctor about this. In different research studies, it showed that hypnotherapy can stop smoking.


Hypnosis is a kind of awareness which is altered; you appear in a trance or asleep. Clinical hypnotherapy can be used to treat not only physiological problems but includes physical ones. For example, hypnotherapy is used to help patients on how to control pain. Also, it is used in other conditions like speech disorders, weight issues and even addiction problems. Until now, debates are on-going about how hypnotherapy works. For some, they believe that it is a way to hypnotize, concentrate and relax more and more willing to accept suggestions like giving up smoking and more.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

When a smoker undergoes hypnotherapy to stop the habit, the patient is always asked to imagine the damaging effects of smoking. For instance, the hypnotherapist will suggest that the smoke of the cigarette smells like a truck exhaust or it will give the patient’s mouth extremely parched. The popular method to stop smoking is the Spiegel’s method; it focuses on the three main ideas:

  1. Smoking will poison the body.
  2. You need to have a healthy body to live longer.
  3. You must respect your body by protecting it.
Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

The hypnotherapist is going to teach the smoker about self-hypnosis too and he will be asked to repeat the affirmations every time he feels the urge to smoke.

In general, hypnotherapy to stop smoking is not going to work for everyone. About 25% of the people will not be hypnotized and if it is successful for some, the intensity will also vary from each person. In statistics, the results are also mixed up showing that there is no sufficient evidence to prove its effectiveness. However, it cannot be denied that there are facts that some people successfully stopped smoking through hypnotherapy.

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