Hypnosis versus Meditation

Which works best for you, hypnosis or meditation? To give you a clear picture of the difference between the two terms, this article will shed light and give you important information. It will tackle about hypnosis versus meditation.

Hypnosis can be done through the help of a hypnotherapist or you can do it on your own through self-hypnosis. In reality, self-hypnosis is similar to meditation since they use similar brain waves in both the alpha and theta. Both can be achieved through hypnosis. This means that if you want to choose a method to reach these states of brain waves and accrue beneficial effects, it is up to you whether to use hypnosis or meditation. It is a matter of personal choice.

Hypnosis is more associated with providing the subconscious mind with suggestions and the goal is to change the behaviour than meditation does. However, this point is still vague up to this day because meditation, when given a desired goal or phrase, it can also provide a change of behaviour.

Hypnosis versus Meditation

The major differences between hypnosis and meditation are the methods to achieve the trance state and primary goal. The main goal of hypnosis is to give positive suggestions to change the subconscious mind. On the other hand, meditation is a means to relax, training the mind and the state of thought free in theta or alpha.

The significant difference between the two is the way to achieve the trance state. There are various ways or techniques to achieve it but hypnosis is generally a more structured manner because it follows a prescribed method of making the conscious mind tired through counting objects and more. Meditation is less structured; it is achieved by merely closing your eyes and repeatedly brings the focus back through deep breathing or focusing a point and gently releasing the thought.

Hypnosis versus Meditation

Finally, there is no big discrepancy between hypnosis and meditation since both techniques can make you feel relaxed and program the mind with positive thoughts. Therefore, it is a matter of personal choice which will work best.

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