Music as Hypnosis Therapy

Regardless of age, people love to listen to soothing music. Music entertains us in many possible ways. It brings back good memories. Sometimes it brightens up our mood and energizes us depending on the beat. You may already know this, but music has a lot more benefits. This includes hypnosis in the field of music therapy.

Music as Hypnosis Therapy

Music has ways of affecting our emotions, our body, and our mind. In the branch of science, it is likely associated with psychoacoustics. This study is dealing with the perception of hearing and sensations produced by sound. If that sound has a strong effect on someone, then we can use it to our advantage, depending on the nature of music being played. A beautiful piece can make someone cry, whereas the sound of fingernails being dragged down a chalkboard may make someone cringe. Hence, music can either relieve stress or induce stress. Hypnosis using music encourages altered state of consciousness that enters into meditation.

Before starting hypnosis, the patient needs to be relaxed. Music is played to mask all noises from the surrounding and to allow concentration and focus. A crucial part that we must take into consideration when performing hypnosis is the selection of music that must be played at a particular time. This music should actively assist in hypnotic induction that will help the listener enter into a deep state of relaxation.

Music as Hypnosis Therapy

The use of a repetitive sound can help the listener enter into deep relaxation. This is excellent for hypnosis. As long as it is pleasing to the ears, this repetitive sound can be used for hypnosis. An example of this is a metronome’s tick.

Drones are also good for hypnosis. They have no melody and no discernible tempo, but they possess important qualities that are musically pleasing. Drones have texture and timber that gives a smooth and warm feeling. They comprise a layer of sounds that when harmonized give a relaxing effect to the listener. The pitch must not be too high or too low. Drones can also be combined with a piece of music that contains other elements such as instruments and nature. These drones can be extremely useful in hypnosis.

The tempo on a piece of music can have an effect on the respiration and heart rate of the listener. This is a fact that we must apply during hypnosis. However, tempo is not applicable to drones as they don’t have discernible tempo at all.

A highly desirable effect is combining foreground and background music. As the background music is played, the listener’s attention is being drawn by the foreground music that slowly fades as it slowly brings the mind to a state of unawareness. This proves that music and hypnosis go together.

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