Sleep Hypnosis

A typical man gets busy during the day. With too many distractions we have encountered in the day, falling asleep may become a problem. Lying down and closing our eyes will not be enough. Achieving a good sleep then becomes difficult. However, no matter how much we deny it, we need to sleep at least six hours in order for our body to regain its energy and be ready for the following day. But there is a way for a person to attain sleep – that is, through hypnosis.

Experts say that most people can’t get to sleep easily because of anxiety. Anxiety makes the body release more adrenaline, which is preventing one to sleep. With the use of self-hypnosis, however, a person becomes more relaxed and is in more control of the situation. It allows not only relaxation but also concentration.

Visual imagery and sense of touch could be incorporated with self-hypnosis. By using the power of focused concentration, sleep can be obtained. To do this effectively, first find a comfortable spot in your home or area. Then, position yourself comfortably using pillows while you sit or lie down. Adjust your clothing and adjust the lighting if necessary.

The next step is to release the tension in your body. Close your eyes and slowly take three long breaths. Open your mouth and allow yourself to relax. Keep your muscles and jaw relaxed. Exhale slowly. Allow your breathing to continue easily and effortlessly. Recite on your mind that you are relaxing. Move each part of your body one by one then relax.

Use a series of suggestions to keep your body relaxed as it enters into deep relaxation. With each breath, focus on making yourself relaxed. If at this point your body is relaxed but your mind is still unsettled, try visualization exercises to clear your thoughts. Think of a wonderful relaxing place where you’ve been or would like to be that gives you peace of mind and happiness. Allow your mind to drift off to sleep as it relaxes. Use your feelings as it thinks of how pleasant it is to be in that place.

You may think that falling asleep is the hardest part, but it is actually maintaining your sleep that is more difficult. You may suddenly wake up from your sleep and find it hard to go back. Shake all your worries away and suggest to yourself not to worry or think about them because you still have to sleep.

The likelihood of attaining a good sleep with self-hypnosis can be increased when you follow a change in lifestyle. Avoiding caffeinated drinks in the evening is one. Remember that decaffeinated drinks may still contain little mount of caffeine, so check the label first. Eat lighter when you are about to sleep. Try not to eat or drink anything within an hour before going to bed and establish a set time for you to sleep. Going to bed at the same time each night can help establish a routine for your body that would help you sleep better.

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