Some of the Commonly Used Hypnotherapy Techniques

The use of various kinds of hypnotherapy techniques is becoming more and more popular when it comes to addressing or treating a specific health condition. The good thing about this kind of treatment is that it is all natural. Natural way of healing means it almost has no side effect, it is noninvasive, and it is less expensive.

Some of the Commonly Used Hypnotherapy Techniques

Hypnotherapy comes with various techniques that are effective in addressing a certain health condition. But among the countless number of techniques used, there are those that are commonly used by hypnotherapists in order to deal with a certain problem.


This is one of the commonly used hypnotherapy technique. The approach is done once the patient is put into trance and brought as a representation. The goal of this hypnotherapy technique is to give the client the opportunity to view his behavior in a whole new different perspective.

In this kind of technique, the therapist wants the patient to know the fact that what he imputes to a certain situation will depend on the suppositions he expects or thinks will happen. This kind of technique usually develops a positive attitude. This technique is usually applied to patients suffering from the inability to strive or to make an effort to give another try to some things that had a negative outcome at first attempt.


This technique deals with the client’s imagination. The therapist will lead such imagination wherein the client has to view the situation that is said to be causing the problem into a situation where he is confidently and successfully handling the situation. The mind cannot really distinguish if a situation is only a product of imagination or a real situation. Therefore, the client will eventually develop an ability to associate himself with images that have positive outcomes. Eventually, the client will be able to apply such positive behavior in the real setting.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This kind of hypnotherapy technique is more advanced. Thus, it should only be done by a well trained and experienced hypnotherapist. This approach is used on patients suffering from drug addiction or any type of severe addiction. The process involves reprogramming the brain. For instance, if a patient is used to puffing a cigarette every time he is drinking coffee, the therapist, who is well trained in NLP, will then apply hypnosis in order to separate the two activities. This means that the patient will no longer think of smoking a cigarette every time he drinks coffee. This kind of hypnotherapy technique is also commonly used on patients who want to lose weight.

Different hypnotherapy technique is found effective in dealing with a specific kind of problem. But one or two techniques could also be applied in one situation to make it more effective. Aside from these hypnotherapy techniques, a person can also look for other techniques that will deal with other kinds of problems like depression and lack of self-confidence.

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